bucket list: spring semester 2010

I’ll be the first to admit that bucket lists are kinda corny unless you’re dying from cancer (i.e. Mandy Moore in “A Walk to Remember”).  Plus, they seem to automatically jinx you from ever actually accomplishing anything on the list.  But with less than 100 days till graduation and a terrible memory, I figured it’s time to make my own formal bucket list for THE LAST SEMESTER OF MY LIFE.  So here it goes in no particular order:

1. TRIP TO CANADA, EH?: I can’t even remember when everyone first started saying we should have an epic weekend adventure in Montreal/Toronto, but it must happen this semester!  Especially now that everyone is obsessed with “How I Met Your Mother” and we even have a few fresh-from-France friends, I am DYING to see what Canada is all ‘aboot.’

2. D.O. CROSSWORD: Never in my four years here at SU have I ever completed the stupid Daily Orange Crossword puzzle.  Sad, right?  Or is it more sad that I care?  Anyways, I am absolutely determined to defeat it at least once this semester so wish me luck (or buy me a dictionary).

3. PARTY IN GRAHAM: Ah, the Mount.  Although I only lived there for the fall semester of my freshman year, there are a lot of great memories up those wretched stairs.  One of the best being Graham dining hall.  Mount reunion dinner at Graham, anyone?  I think so.  Or maybe just some late-night snacks at The Junction instead?

4. FRESHMEN 15: This is basically my New Year’s resolution, but I really REALLY want to lose the weight I gained freshman year ideally before spring break.  But with spring break only a month away, I’ll edit this goal and make it more realistic by saying before graduation  :]

5. SADLER, WHERE ART THOU?: I might be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been to every building on campus except Sadler/Lawrinson.  I hear the food there is terrible and that the building is mad far from civilization, but I just want to step foot inside the one SU territory that has evaded me for all these years.

6. FLIP NIGHT: I have never won a free drink at flip night, which completely defeats the purpose of going lol.  You would think I would have won at least once since it’s a 50-50 shot, but I guess I’m just really unlucky.  Watch I don’t get it until my last flip night as a senior -____-

7. CAROUSEL’S CAROUSEL: I’ve seen the carousel at Carousel Mall a bajillion times, but never rode it.  It was a bit too “Stairway to Heaven” for my taste, but now that I’m graduating I guess I should suck it up and give it a whirl.  The question is should I do it reluctantly and pretend someone forced me to do it ORRR go all out crazy as if carousels are my life’s passion and scar some children for life??  I think the latter would be more fun…with the help of Mr. Daniels, that is.

8. LIZ, SU’S NEW MASCOT: I think everyone has seen Liz’s picture by now.  You know, the one with her putting a book away in MLK library freshman year?  Well, I figure it is my duty as a friend to help steal and destroy everything with her photo in it and to somehow delete the original, if possible, since she hates it so much.  Haven’t seen it before?  It’s this one —>

9. BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY: I’ve talked about this with Gina Kim, but we’re both paranoid/know that we’re going to cry when Seniors’ Night rolls around.  It’s inevitable.  So I guess the whole point of this one is: a) actually go to Seniors’ Night and not chicken out and, b) at least cry cute.  I’ve seen it done before but was never one to master the skill.

Now that I scan through my bucket list, it seems really trivial since most people put crazy stuff like skydiving and getting arrested and such, but I am still jobless hence must be a boring and law abiding Asian for the time being.



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4 responses to “bucket list: spring semester 2010

  1. angela

    HAHA I LOVE IT! Make sure you document these accomplishments and upload them on to fb so I can see it! I miss youuu<3

  2. let’s kidnap a freshman to swipe us into graham for lunch and sadler for dinner.

  3. May I suggest a #10: COOK FOR YOUR ROOMIES 😉 I have yet to taste your cooking, let’s not be lazy here Minhee! OR we can cook together!

  4. Liz

    minhee….this post obviously means i should read your blog more often. im totally down for stealing some pictures…but WAY TO POST UP A PICTURE OF IT (you’re just advertising it haha).

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