cutest thing ever

I am an absolute sucker for guys who are good with kids.  I think every girl is…damn maternal instincts.  What sucks is that guys, despite how dumb they can be, are catching on to our weakness and are using kids as bait.  Yes, I literally know a guy who is only nice to kids when a hot girl is around.

But today, I think I witnessed a guy who was legit.  He was lecturing a kid and saying something like “Hey, little man. Now this is your last strike.  If you don’t listen and keep wandering off, you’re gonna have to hold my hand all day… and my hands get sweaty.”  It was sooo cute.  Especially because I’ve taught kids that age before and know how they can be.  His approach was perfect.  +10 in my book.

I tried to pretend that I was preoccupied texting someone, but the whole time I was thinking how freakin adorable that was.  Made me miss the little kids at my church back home.  I used to love teaching at the summer school there before the Korean ahjoomas took over.  Sigh…they ruin everything.



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2 responses to “cutest thing ever

  1. angela

    Oh Minhee, you and your vendetta against korean ahjumahs LOL

  2. Jenny C

    WHAT they use kids as bait?! you and i will def be the first victims

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