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cutest thing ever

I am an absolute sucker for guys who are good with kids.  I think every girl is…damn maternal instincts.  What sucks is that guys, despite how dumb they can be, are catching on to our weakness and are using kids as bait.  Yes, I literally know a guy who is only nice to kids when a hot girl is around.

But today, I think I witnessed a guy who was legit.  He was lecturing a kid and saying something like “Hey, little man. Now this is your last strike.  If you don’t listen and keep wandering off, you’re gonna have to hold my hand all day… and my hands get sweaty.”  It was sooo cute.  Especially because I’ve taught kids that age before and know how they can be.  His approach was perfect.  +10 in my book.

I tried to pretend that I was preoccupied texting someone, but the whole time I was thinking how freakin adorable that was.  Made me miss the little kids at my church back home.  I used to love teaching at the summer school there before the Korean ahjoomas took over.  Sigh…they ruin everything.


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…comes in threes

You know how they say “death comes in threes?”  Well, awkward moments apparently come in threes too.

Awkward Moment #1: I went to the post office to mail out a package today when I ran into none other than Pastor Harris.  Yes, P.Diddy himself for those OG KCS members old enough to remember when people called him that.  Needless to say I was REALLY caught off guard.  I never see Pastor Harris on campus even though he works right at Crouse Hospital.  I actually can’t imagine Pastor Harris living a life outside of church.  You know what I mean?  I feel like when pastors are done preaching on Sundays, they just eat/sleep/live at church.  Can you see Pastor Harris going grocery shopping?  Or to the movies or something?  Strange.  And to make things worse, I wasn’t sure what to call him.  Do I call him Pastor Harris still even though we’re not at church and he’s not a full-time pastor?  Or do I call him Mr. Harris?  I feel like Pastor Harris is one of those guys who would say “Mr. Harris is my father, call me…”  And yes, I was thinking about all of these questions during the two-second time span when I should have responded to Pastor Harris saying hi to me — creating an awkward lag in the conversation that never started.

Awkward Moment #2: My supervisor at the Sheraton wanted me to go and interview our head engineer guy down in the basement (or the dungeon, as he likes to call it).  So I was standing by the elevator to go visit him when two punk high school kids show up (there’s a bajillion of them at the hotel this week for some kind of conference).  Anyways, they were scoping me out, which is gross because they were born in the late ’90s, but I didn’t want to cause a scene and confront them.  A few seconds later, their friend shows up and I can see him out of the corner of my eye and he’s pointing in my direction and making weird gestures as if to say, “tap that shit.”  At this point, I’m kinda getting frustrated.  I turn around with a comeback ready and stashed in my brain when I see this one lady gesturing to that guy that was behind me.  It finally clicks right then and there that he wasn’t saying “tap that shit.”  He’s deaf.  He was using sign language -_____-

Awkward Moment #3: I was in Schine donating blood and I guess it’s standard for the blood-pumper-outers to try and strike up a conversation with you so that you don’t feel awkward.  HAHA as if that’s possible with me.  So I’m making small talk with this random lady.  She’s asking me about my major and such, but I’m not much of a talker, especially when my life force is literally being sucked out of my body and neatly packaged in a pouch.  Soon enough, she gets bored with me and is about to walk away when one of her co-workers starts laughing hysterically in the corner.  She says, “That must be Jorge.  Wow, he’s having a little fiesta over there.”  I tried to brush off the comment, which is borderline racist, but ended up replying, “That’s not very PC awkward chuckle awkward chuckle.”  Her happy-go-lucky-daisies-and-sunshine-are-my-life face disappeared in 0.324 seconds flat.

So yeah, that’s just a normal day in my life.  I legit think I should quit this general blog and make one devoted solely to my awkward encounters.  They seem to be increasing as I get older, so plenty of material to blog about  -______-

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God > Reasoning

One of my biggest struggles with Christianity is that my brain won’t shut up.  I constantly trust myself more than I trust God and question things that my reasoning says doesn’t make sense.  But when I listen to this song, it reminds me that God is greater than human understanding.  Period.

“Over My Head”
By Starfield

“Trying to wrap my mind around
Extravagant love come down
Leaves me undone
Finds me with nothing to say”

It really is over my head.

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what’s in a name…

Things related to race usually don’t bother me as much as other people, but for some reason this e-mail really got me mad.  I guess it’s because the survey people were trying to seem all understanding and PC about race issues on campus and then start right off the bat calling me by the wrong name:

“Dear Cho:

Syracuse University is currently engaged in a study of student experiences on campus. As part of this effort, we invite you to participate in an online survey for undergraduate students. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete and covers a range of topic areas, including:

  • Classroom and major experiences
  • Peer interactions
  • Campus environment and institutional practices
  • Coming to and staying at SU

The survey results will provide us with a better understanding of the campus experience, with a focus on issues of race and ethnicity. The experiences of all students and groups are important to the University, and we encourage you to share your perceptions…”

So here is my response…maybe I should have chilled for three seconds before hitting send lol:

“To Whom It May Concern,

I will fill out your survey out of courtesy, but maybe the first thing you can do in order to not offend those of color on campus is to address them by their correct and respective names, especially in e-mails when you clearly have enough time and exposure to resources to do so.  Cho is my last name, not my first.  I understand that may be an ambiguous and difficult thing for those of Caucasian descent to figure out, but it is something that is CLEARLY marked on all of my school records as well as the SU E-mail Directory, which I am assuming was utilized for this mass message.

I hope that helps you on your path towards “a better understanding of the campus experience, with a focus on issues of race and ethnicity.”

Minhee Cho
(American name still TBD)”

I wonder if any of these survey people will have the balls to reply back to my e-mail…


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bucket list: spring semester 2010

I’ll be the first to admit that bucket lists are kinda corny unless you’re dying from cancer (i.e. Mandy Moore in “A Walk to Remember”).  Plus, they seem to automatically jinx you from ever actually accomplishing anything on the list.  But with less than 100 days till graduation and a terrible memory, I figured it’s time to make my own formal bucket list for THE LAST SEMESTER OF MY LIFE.  So here it goes in no particular order:

1. TRIP TO CANADA, EH?: I can’t even remember when everyone first started saying we should have an epic weekend adventure in Montreal/Toronto, but it must happen this semester!  Especially now that everyone is obsessed with “How I Met Your Mother” and we even have a few fresh-from-France friends, I am DYING to see what Canada is all ‘aboot.’

2. D.O. CROSSWORD: Never in my four years here at SU have I ever completed the stupid Daily Orange Crossword puzzle.  Sad, right?  Or is it more sad that I care?  Anyways, I am absolutely determined to defeat it at least once this semester so wish me luck (or buy me a dictionary).

3. PARTY IN GRAHAM: Ah, the Mount.  Although I only lived there for the fall semester of my freshman year, there are a lot of great memories up those wretched stairs.  One of the best being Graham dining hall.  Mount reunion dinner at Graham, anyone?  I think so.  Or maybe just some late-night snacks at The Junction instead?

4. FRESHMEN 15: This is basically my New Year’s resolution, but I really REALLY want to lose the weight I gained freshman year ideally before spring break.  But with spring break only a month away, I’ll edit this goal and make it more realistic by saying before graduation  :]

5. SADLER, WHERE ART THOU?: I might be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been to every building on campus except Sadler/Lawrinson.  I hear the food there is terrible and that the building is mad far from civilization, but I just want to step foot inside the one SU territory that has evaded me for all these years.

6. FLIP NIGHT: I have never won a free drink at flip night, which completely defeats the purpose of going lol.  You would think I would have won at least once since it’s a 50-50 shot, but I guess I’m just really unlucky.  Watch I don’t get it until my last flip night as a senior -____-

7. CAROUSEL’S CAROUSEL: I’ve seen the carousel at Carousel Mall a bajillion times, but never rode it.  It was a bit too “Stairway to Heaven” for my taste, but now that I’m graduating I guess I should suck it up and give it a whirl.  The question is should I do it reluctantly and pretend someone forced me to do it ORRR go all out crazy as if carousels are my life’s passion and scar some children for life??  I think the latter would be more fun…with the help of Mr. Daniels, that is.

8. LIZ, SU’S NEW MASCOT: I think everyone has seen Liz’s picture by now.  You know, the one with her putting a book away in MLK library freshman year?  Well, I figure it is my duty as a friend to help steal and destroy everything with her photo in it and to somehow delete the original, if possible, since she hates it so much.  Haven’t seen it before?  It’s this one —>

9. BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY: I’ve talked about this with Gina Kim, but we’re both paranoid/know that we’re going to cry when Seniors’ Night rolls around.  It’s inevitable.  So I guess the whole point of this one is: a) actually go to Seniors’ Night and not chicken out and, b) at least cry cute.  I’ve seen it done before but was never one to master the skill.

Now that I scan through my bucket list, it seems really trivial since most people put crazy stuff like skydiving and getting arrested and such, but I am still jobless hence must be a boring and law abiding Asian for the time being.


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last day of breakkkk

I can’t believe (my last) winter break is OVER.
It’s already 2010…I’m 22-freakin-years-old…gahhh everythings happening so fast.  So not ready, but seeing as I’m leaving for SU tomorrow I guess I have no choice.

Spring 2010 aka LAST SEMESTER OF MY LIFE, here I come.
Please be amazing.

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